Special Needs Yoga

Emma works therapeutically with neuro-diverse children, adults, and seniors

Adult yoga classes in Brighton and online

She teaches mindful movement, breathing, and meditation to support their well-being. She offers private 1:1 and small group sessions to develop individual goals to address physical, cognitive, and social/ emotional needs.

She has worked with children and adults with a wide range of conditions including ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition), Dyspraxia, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Dementia. Yoga helps children and adults develop core strength, motor skills, co-ordination and balance. Yoga movements and breathing calms the nervous system and helps to integrate sensory processing to support emotional regulation, concentration and create a deep sense of well-being.

How Yoga helps:
  • Yoga creates a calm, quiet space promoting well-being
  • Tailored strength building exercises develop gross motor skills and core strength
  • Classes focus on individual strengths and interests to build confidence
  • Deep breathing soothes the nervous system – developing emotional self-regulation and resilience
  • Yoga movements creates a mental map of the body, developing spatial and body awareness
  • Mindful Meditation relieves anxiety and encourages focus and concentration

Feedback I’ve received

“Emma has been our sons yoga teacher for over 5 years. Our son has downs syndrome and his muscle tone and balance have been a challenge for him. Regular yoga sessions with Emma enabled him to grow not just in strength and flexibility but also in well being. Emma created a space for our son where he could relax, be himself and grow in confidence.

Emma is kind, inclusive and a genuinely lovely person and talented yoga instructor. She shows patience with children of all abilities, developing and nurturing talents along with scaffolding those children that need a little bit more time. Thank you Emma for all you have done.”

Julie, mother of Connor

‘Emma is a very knowledgeable professional who worked with all year groups and with a range of different abilities. She built a great relationship with all of the students she worked with.

Yoga has had a positive impact on the students’ self-esteem, concentration and behaviour. It has helped to develop their motor skills, body awareness and coordination and provide sensory integration. It is ideal for young people with autism and a great addition to curricular activities.

As well as working with students Emma provided in-house training for staff, which helped them to integrate various yoga techniques in to classroom activities. We cannot recommend Emma highly enough, she is fantastic.”

Kairi Reiter, Deputy Headteacher, Kestrel House School for Autism, Crouch End, London

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