Business Mindfulness Workshops for Corporate, Public Sector and NGOs

Mindfulness is at the heart of creativity and well-being at work.

Emma offers a blend of movement and stillness in her Mindfulness workshops for corporate, public sector, and not-for-profit organisations. She focuses on bringing teams together to break down barriers to creativity and cooperation and tackle stress at work – promoting good mental health and well-being at every level from employees to business leaders.

Learning simple every day mindful techniques can increase motivation and job satisfaction plus reduce stress. Teams experiencing change, new challenges and personal or workplace stress can learn game-changing techniques from Emma’s business mindfulness workshops, tailored coaching or courses.

Mindfulness workshops can be provided for team away days, retreats or as regular sessions at work, either online or in-person.

Mindfulness workshops create the space to consider personal values and strengths and provide tools for coping with stress. Sessions enable organisations to find cooperative, healthier ways of working together, whether teams are based remotely, working from the office or in different timezones.

Her mindfulness workshops are tailored to individual organisations and based on an assessment of goals and desired outcomes. She can also provide post-session Mindful Toolkits to ensure mindfulness strategies are implemented at work to build healthier,  more productive relationships.

Emma’s mindfulness workshops focus on helping individuals find stillness, learning about breath awareness and moving with the breath and connecting to the senses. She also helps teams practice skills in active listening without judgment – creating space for cooperation and exploring positive approaches to change to enable new ways of working together.

Mindfulness sessions can support the development of workplace strategies to meet goals in improving employee retention, performance and creativity. Developing a mindful approach at work is integral to improving mental health and well-being and creating a healthier, happier workplace.

Feedback on Mindfulness at Work Sessions

‘Emma led a meditation and yoga session as part of our team retreat. I was surprised how genuine and functional Emma’s session was. It really helped me switch gear into a much more peaceful and creative frame of mind, and was just generally fun. Highly highly recommend.’

Hugh Reed,
Associate Director, Equal International

Emma ran a mindfulness session as part of the team building day I organised for my team at Royal Mail. The team were going through a big reorganisation and many were feeling stressed and disengaged. Emma very quickly and expertly got them feeling relaxed and helped to ensure they got the most from the exercise. Not only did it put them in a better frame of mind for the day but the ‘reset’ helped them to face the stressful time with more perspective. Even now my former colleagues and team remember the session as a unique and special part of their time in my team and as a demonstration that their employer cared about them and their employee experience.’

Sonia Strang,
Former Change Management Director, Royal Mail Group

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