Emma Charvet is a Senior Yoga Teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. She has been teaching Yoga therapeutically to adults and children for over ten years and also practices as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. She first discovered yoga as a child aged 8 yrs, developing a lifelong interest in health, fitness and mental well being, alongside running, rock climbing, martial arts and acrobatics. After a successful 15 year career in Marketing and Communications in the Voluntary Sector, Emma re-trained as a Yoga Teacher while on maternity leave with her second child, and discovered a passion for teaching yoga to adults and children.

Emma’s Vinyasa Flow classes for adults are a dance of breath and movement open to all abilities and tailored to individual needs and abilities.

She specialises in yoga as a therapy for both children and adults and works in mainstream and special needs schools and one to one with people with a range of additional cognitive needs including Autism, Downs Syndrome and Dementia. Emma founded Children’s Yoga Tree with Siobhan Power to bring yoga into schools, enabling children to increase their confidence, creativity and ability to manage their emotions through yoga. She also runs family yoga and acrobatic workshops in the school holidays to help parents and children discover the joy of practising yoga together.

Her own yoga practice over the last twenty years has encompassed Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Acrobatic Yoga.


Emma is a certified Senior Yoga Teacher and her Yoga  Training School Children’s Yoga Tree is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.  She is also qualified to teach Yoga Therapy for Special Needs and Parent and Baby Yoga.

Her own teachers include the inspiring Claire Missingham, Jo ManuelUma Dinsmore-Tuli and Shiva Rea

Emma trained as a Thai Yoga Massage practiser with Marek Gabor of Jungle Healing , a member of the Sunshine Network, an International Society of Thai Yoga Massage.

Style of Teaching for Adults

Emma’s style of teaching adults combines dynamic Vinyasa Flow to detoxify and energise, linking breath and movement with Yoga Nidra to create deep relaxation. Classes focus on breath awareness and correct alignment; restoring balance and health to muscles and joints, and bringing a sense of deep peace and calm. Her restorative classes draw on Yin Yoga to go deeply into poses through a slow paced flow, encouraging mindfulness and complete relaxation.

Children’s Yoga Tree

Emma trains yoga teachers and teachers through her Training School Children’s Yoga Tree, bringing a high standard of teaching to nurseries, primary and secondary schools around the UK.

Yoga Therapy

Emma has been inspired by her own family experience of Autism and by the benefits that yoga brings to children coping with sensory and developmental challenges. Her one to one yoga therapy sessions are tailored to individuals, focusing on breathing, fine and motor co-ordination as well as body and spatial awareness.

Yoga Alliance Professionals

Emma Charvet is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals

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