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5 minute Wake up to Yoga Videos

My brand new YouTube yoga channel is now live – @Tree of Calm with a series of Wake up to Yoga 5 min easy yoga videos.

Five Days – Five minutes: making yoga part of your morning routine. Five videos each focus on a part of the body so you can start the day feeling stretched and refreshed. Getting into a routine of early morning yoga is a great way to wake up energised and Calm.

Day One: Working on Tight Shoulders

Day Two: Leg Stretches

Day Three: Hip Openers

Day Four: Stretching the Spine

Day Five: Moving with the Breath for Calm


By Emma Charvet

Emma Charvet offers therapeutic Yoga classes and Thai Yoga Massage in Brighton. She also founded Children's Yoga Tree to make yoga more widely available in schools and specialises in providing yoga for children with special needs.

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