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Children’s Yoga Tree is a leading provider of yoga classes and training for schools, families and children with special needs.

Children’s Yoga Tree offers fully accredited training for teachers and yoga teachers tailored to the needs of students. Our network of outstanding Children’s Yoga Teachers in schools and studios across the UK inspire children to be calm, creative and resilient through the discipline and playfulness of yoga.

Children’s Yoga Tree runs breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs in primary and schools. Yoga for Kids supports children’s learning by providing a calm space in the school day to stretch, relax and develop focus and concentration.

Classes for young children focus on animal poses, non-competitive yoga games and stories, fun breathing exercises and guided relaxation.

Classes for older children encourages healthy body awareness, creativity and confidence. During the term children create their own yoga poses, build a sequence of poses and discover meditation.


Little Yoga Monkeys

Little Yoga Monkeys


Little Yoga Monkeys parties can be tailored to your child’s particular interest such as Jungle adventure, Elves and Fairies, Pirates or any favourite character. Parties include an adventure story acted out through yoga poses; fun non-competitive yoga games; a yoga inspired craft activity and guided relaxation time.

Parties are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and provide healthy fun entertainment in a calm environment.


Emma specialises in Yoga Therapy for Special Needs and teaches in schools and privately for a range of conditions including Autism, Dyspraxia, Cerebal Palsy and Downs Syndrome. Yoga Therapy helps children develop core strength, motor skills, co-ordination and balance. Yoga is also is calming for nervous system and helps to builds focus and concentration.

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