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January Blog


January is a time of readjustment as we try to get back to what was ‘normal’ before the Christmas holidays took over. But January is also a time of recovery and readjusted expectations as we fight with illness. The chances of being struck down on holiday are far greater than on a normal working week. Why?

Because we stop rushing. And when you relax, you stop pumping adrenaline into your system and your body tries to get back into balance. Unfortunately this can create a window of opportunity for the germs as our exhausted immune system tries to recover. The answer? Bring some relaxation into our daily ‘normal’.

I was struck down with the Christmas lurgy as were my children and now January for my family has become all about creating a fighting fit immune system to last the winter. Yoga has a key role for the immune system as stretching, twisting and strengthening the muscles makes the heart work more efficiently and increases oxygen intake into the blood – allowing our organs to work at optimum strength.

Deep breathing also detoxifies the body and lowers the stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol, which compromise the immune system.

Practicising yoga when you have a cold can feel counter intuitive when all you want to do is wrap up warm and lie on the sofa. But with a few blankets and pillows to help, restorative yoga can be exactly what your body needs to recover. Here are three poses that will restore your immune system. Stay in each pose for at least 5 minutes. To finish – grab a blanket, pillow, music and candles for a blissful Savasana…

Childs’s Pose: Sit back on your heels with your knees as wide as the mat and place a rolled up blanket under your forehead

Downward Dog: Place pillows under your head to allow your neck to relax

Bridge: Lie on your back and place a block (or improvise with cushions) under your sacrum and relax your arms either over your head with elbows bent or by your side palms facing up to encourage the chest to open. Breathe deeply and enjoy the backbend

Namaste and stay warm and healthy

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